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The list of gear is regularly changing but here's a list of some of the stock...

DB Active PA Speakers (2 x 800Wrms Subs, 4x 500Wrms mid/tops)

Desks by Allen & Heath & Soundcraft

Alesis HD24 Hard-disk recorder

Echo and Maudio interfaces

State of the art pc's with dual screen running Cubase SX5, plugins by Waves, TC electronic, Breverb etc etc

Outboard hardware including - LA audio, Rane, drawmer, tc electronics etc including hardware autotune and harmonisers

Mics include  AKG C414, Beyer M201, M300, MCE53, Shure Beta52 Beta58, Beta57, SM58, SM57 etc etc.

Multicore - 24 channel, 30meters with stagebox

Monitors by Yamaha and Tannoy

Amps include Mesa Boogie triple rectifier, Marshall JMP & Jubilee, Fender Twin, Roland cube

Guitars include Gibson Les Paul, Fender Tele & Strat, PRS Custom 24, Ibanez JEM  etc