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24 track digital recording with fully automated mixdown facilities with accurate monitoring and all the usuall hardware and software goodies (including Waves plugins, Yamaha monitoring etc etc)

We specialise in live band recording, overdubs and mixing - we can visit your rehearsal room or gig and record the band with everything individually mic'ed or di'ed ready to be mixed later. 

If you're looking for a pro sounding live demo to use for getting gigs we'll even include a couple of tracks of audience noise recorded at the gig.

You have the option to have us complete the mixdown back in our dedicated mixing room or take home a cd (wav's or mp3's) for you to use with whatever software you have at home (cubase, sonar, logic, reaper etc).

Another option some bands have chosen is to record the band live and then overdub the vocals or any other parts back at the studio.